During the early days of Pakistan, the Pakistani Psychologists had no forum of their own. Psychologists usually participated in Conferences organized by the Association.

By early sixties, most Psychologists felt that they must have a separate body of their own. Attempts were made on different occasions to form a National Association of the Pakistani Psychologists. For some reason or other, the Establishment of Association did not materialize. A concrete step in this regard was taken at Dacca in May, 1965 on the occasion of a Psychology Symposium organized by the Department of Psychology, University of Dacca. Besides East Pakistani Psychologists, Dr, S. M. Moghni, Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology, Peshawar University, and Dr. S. M. H. Zaidi of Karachi University came to Dacca to participate in the Symposium. In a special meeting of the Psychologists, present an Adhoc Organizing Committee for the formation of the Pakistan Psychological Association which was constituted with all Heads of Psychology Departments as members. Dr. S. M. Moghni and Dr. Mir F. Zaman were elected President and Secretary of the Adhoc Organizing Committee, respectively.

This decision of the Psychologists was ratified by a large assembly of Psychologists at Karachi in May, 1966 and a formal declaration about the formation of the Pakistan Psychological Association was made. The Adhoc Organizing Committee in its next meeting at Peshawar in October, 1966, with Dr. Moghni in the chair, decided to hold the first annual conference of the Association at Dacca.