The Association has the following aims and objectives:

  • To promote the Cause of Psychology as a Basic and Applied Science, and of Psychologists as Academicians as well as Professionals working for the Welfare of the Individuals and Society.
  • To suggest ways and means of improving the Quality of Training, Research and Professional Competence in the field of Psychology, its related departments with different disciplines.
  • To protect, safeguard and promote the legitimate interests of its members and help create suitable job opportunities for them.
  • To highlight the use of Psychology in different walks of life with special reference to current National and International needs
  • To lay down the qualification and experience requirements, and codes of ethics for Psychologist working under different assignments and locations.
  • To establish positive relations, diplomatic relations with National and International Associations and Societies of Psychologists in different parts of the world.
  • To project the National point of view in International Forums, and provide the National Forum with benefits of International Opinion, Views and Comments on problems of common interest.
  • To hold Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Exhibitions where Psychologists from all over Pakistan, and whenever possible, from other Countries as well, can freely interact with each other for their mutual interest, advantage and publish notable contributions, newsletters, journals, proceedings of important events both scientific and popular, in appropriate forms.
  • To enlist the support of Federal and Provincial Governments and other public and private bodies and individuals towards the fulfillment of the Aims and Objectives of the Pakistan Psychological Association.