Life/ Full Members

Any qualified Psychologist can become a Full Member of the Pakistan Psychological Association on payment of the prescribed annual or whole life membership fee on the approval of the Executive Committee. The minimum qualification of the Psychologist shall be a Master’s or an equivalent degree in Psychology

Honorary Life Members:

This type of membership may, as a mark of recognition, be conferred, as anyone who may or may not be a Psychologist in the formal sense of the term, on the approval of Executive Committee can became Honorary Life Member.

Associate Members:

Any individual who subscribes to the aims and objectives of the Association and undertakes to abide by the rules, on payment of the prescribed fee, on recommendation of two full members of Association and on approval of Executive Committee, can become an Associate Member.

Student Members:

Any bonafide Honours or Post-Graduate student of Psychology can, on his/ her furnishing satisfactory evidence of his/ her being such a student, on recommendation of a full member and on payment of the prescribed fee for such membership, can become a Student Member of the Association.

Any Other Membership:

The Executive Committee may in anticipation of, or subject to the approval of the General Body, create any other category of membership, provided that the category created shall be subject to the rules and By-laws made for this purpose.

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