Eighth Conference

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Eighth Conference of PPA was held from October 8th-10th 1991, in Islamabad. The main theme of the conference was “21st Century, problems and prospects”. This was hosted by National Institute of Psychology Center of Excellence Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.

The Conference was the major departure from the traditional format of PPA. The academic program of the Conference was consisted of a number of seminars, symposia and special discussion sessions as well as free paper reading sessions.

The Conference was started with the recitation of Holy Quran and it was inaugurated by Syed Fakhar Imam, the then- Federal Education Minister. More than 400 Psychologists’ Academicians from related sciences and students of Psychology participated in this Conference. There were fifteen delegates from UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Iran, Malaysia and Morocco. This Conference for the major achievement in terms of quantity and quality of papers read. A total number of 117 papers were presented in the Conference. In this regard this Conference was a landmark to the history of Pakistan Psychological Association. Dr. Z. A. Ansari was the Chief Organizer of the Conference. Dr. Laeeq Mirza was Elected as President along with Mr. Riaz Fatiana Vice President and Dr. Najma Najam as Secretary General. Other office bearers of PPA were Mr. Perveiz Naeem Tariq and Mr. Suhail Imam (Joint Secretaries 1 & 2), Dr. Mah Nazir Riaz (Treasurer), Ms. Salma Siddiqi, Ms. Ghazala Farooqi, Mr. Itrat Abbas, Ms. Sadia Akram, Mr. Ashraf Khan and Dr. Azhar Ali Rizvi Past President (Executive Members), Dr. Saleh Jalil, Group Captain Muhammad Anwar Chaudhry, Mr. Muhammad Azam Tahir (Co-opted Members)